Assisted Living Homes Organization (ALHO) was created with assisted living homeowners and the senior community in mind. In cooperation with our business affiliates, the greater business community and health care providers like hospice and home health to provide better services and value for our local community.

Making a Positive Difference in the Assisted Living Community


Advocacy & Governmental Policy

ALHO advocates at the federal and state level on behalf of residential care home companies, their employees and the residents and families they serve. We work closely with the Arizona NCIA board and Arizona Departments of Heath to jointly foster excellence in care in our member residential care homes.

Education and Training

ALHO brings its members and other industry leaders together to encourage collaboration, best practice sharing, and professional development.

Communication and Events

Our members attend regular meetings and functions that cover: current, pressing issues facing the assisted living industry; future trends; information and consulting resources; continuing education credits for caregivers and managers; industry networking; and the annual ALHO conference with our sponsors and industry-leading guest speakers.


Upcoming Events

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Featured Partners

ALHO is an Arizona based organization the offers an opportunity for personal involvement in the leadership and improvement of an Assisted Living Homes. As a member of ALHO we can achieve to work together as one.

Members belonging to ALHO attended regular meetings for fellowship, sharing and inspiration. ALHO GROUP is a service organization; it doesn’t prescribe a way of life for others but acts as a forum for diverse ideas regarding assisted living home community.