ALHO Bylaws

I. Commitment to the organization by:

  1. Regular attendance on our scheduled meeting.
  2. If unable to attend, notify the designated member.
  3. Participation and support to the organization’s activities by volunteering or contribution of time or appropriate help.
  4. Teamwork. Communication and cooperation between members in most possible and reasonable way for improvement and advancement of our organization as well as the assisted living community.

II. Decision making:

  1. Any suggestion is welcome during brain storming
  2. Final decision is by majority
  3. Nomination is encourage as appropriate

III Code of ethics:

  1. Respect and be fair to each member as well as our associates in our industry and the community.
  2. Our facility represent our organization, therefore, it is vital that we maintain high standard of business conduct in dealing with our suppliers, the regulatory bodies, the public that concerns our community and most of all, our customers: the residents and their families.
  3. Commit and maintain high standard of quality for our service to our residents and courteous relationship with their families.

IV Guidelines:

  1. A scheduled monthly meeting will be conducted and location will be announced as applicable. (specify target schedule)
  2. If there’s a need for a follow-up meeting, the schedule date and location will be communicated by e-mail or phone call.
  3. CEU’s will be included with the monthly meeting every ___________ (indicate the schedule or frequency)
  4. Communicate to members during meeting or by phone if there are information vital to the operation or improvement of our facilities and organization.
ALHO is an Arizona based organization the offers an opportunity for personal involvement in the leadership and improvement of an Assisted Living Homes. As a member of ALHO we can achieve to work together as one.

Members belonging to ALHO attended regular meetings for fellowship, sharing and inspiration. ALHO GROUP is a service organization; it doesn’t prescribe a way of life for others but acts as a forum for diverse ideas regarding assisted living home community.