Q. I registered as a user but did not receive an activation email, what happened?

A. Please check your spam folder for the activation email, you may need to move it to your inbox to enable activation link.

Q. I’m a ALHO premium member but the site is charging me for my business listing, what’s happening?

A. As a premium member you are allowed one business listing as a part of your membership package. Additional listings are available for $49.00 each per year. You should have received a coupon code for your free listing upon registration as a premium member. If you did not, please email us at info@azalho.com and we will correct the issue.

Q. My business listing’s Google map location is incorrect, what’s wrong?

A. After adding your address in your listing you need to click “Set Address On Map” to locate your business on the Google Map. Edit your listing and click the button to correct the location on Google Maps.

Q. My video is not displaying properly in my listing. What’s the problem?

A. You need to paste the embed code for your video in the listing video box. You can get the embed code by clicking your Vimeo or Youtube video’s “share” button, then select “embed”. Copy the embed code and paste in listing video box. If you need assistance with this email is at info@azalho.com.

ALHO is an Arizona based organization the offers an opportunity for personal involvement in the leadership and improvement of an Assisted Living Homes. As a member of ALHO we can achieve to work together as one.

Members belonging to ALHO attended regular meetings for fellowship, sharing and inspiration. ALHO GROUP is a service organization; it doesn’t prescribe a way of life for others but acts as a forum for diverse ideas regarding assisted living home community.