ALHO can provide assistance in property selection for an assisted living home facility. We will survey the property with and identify the advantages and problems associated with establishing an assisted living home on the property. We will also contact the appropriate agencies such as HOA and zoning authority to ensure the property is an eligible candidate for an assisted living home facility.

Coordination, Inspections

  • Zoning Department Clearance
  • Building Safety
  • Fire Department

ALHO will provide coordination and guidance with the following requirements of the municipalities governing the approvals of zoning, building safety, and fire services. ALHO will generate a building floor plan and site survey for submission to the city municipality. Any fees required by the governing agency will be the responsibility of the assisted living home licensee. Unless specified otherwise, fixtures, devices, modifications, or other equipment required to pass these inspections are also the responsibility of the assisted living home licensee.


ALHO will provide all required documentation to meet the requirements of Arizona Department of Health Services initial facility survey. This documentation will be supplied in either binders, and/or framed for display as required by the state. Additionally, all documents will be delivered in digital files on compact disc.

  • Policy & Procedures
  • Facility Layout & Evacuation Floor plan
  • Posted Documents, Framed and Located
    • Facility License
    • Resident Rights
    • Community Phone Numbers
    • Recent Inspection & Corrective Action Location
    • Activity Calendar Initial, One month
    • Menus, Initial, One month – Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner
    • Staffing Schedule, Initial, One month
    • Manager & Manager Designee(s)Employment File
  • Resident Files (5)
    • Data Forms
    • Residency Agreements
    • Admitting Forms
    • ADL Forms
    • Service Plans, Blank
    • Doctor Order Forms & MARS
    • Diet Manual

Fixtures, Installation & Verification

ALHO will advise on all required equipment and devices to be in place to meet the requirements of the state survey. Unless specified otherwise, fixtures, devices or other equipment required to pass the state survey are the responsibility of the facility owner to purchase. Assisted Living Home Service can provide installation, testing, and training on devices and systems, if required, at an additional cost. These devices may include:

  • Fire Extinguisher(s)
  • Grab Bars / Safety Bar(s)
  • Cabinet Door lock(s)
  • Knife Drawer Lock(s)
  • Smoke Detector(s)
  • Carbon Monoxide Detector(s)
  • Wheelchair Ramp(s)
  • Refrigerator/Freezer temperature monitoring
  • Staff Call System

Initial Survey, Arizona Department of Health Services

After all required sign offs are obtained, the facility is prepared for DHS survey, and ALHO completes the pre-survey, the application will be submitted to the Department of Health Services in order to complete the state initial survey. Upon completion of this survey a license will be granted by the state to operate the assisted living home.

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ALHO is an Arizona based organization the offers an opportunity for personal involvement in the leadership and improvement of an Assisted Living Homes. As a member of ALHO we can achieve to work together as one.

Members belonging to ALHO attended regular meetings for fellowship, sharing and inspiration. ALHO GROUP is a service organization; it doesn’t prescribe a way of life for others but acts as a forum for diverse ideas regarding assisted living home community.